With Rentwear, you don't have to worry about keeping your business safe 🦺, clean 🧻 and professional πŸ‘”

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Ohio's best companies and brands trust Rentwear
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What We Can Do For You 🚚

Small Business or Large Enterprise, You'll Love Partnering With Rentwear
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uniform services
Improve safety and professionalism.
mat services
Keep your floors clean and safe.
tablecloth and napkin service
Enjoy clean, pressed tablecloths.
towel services
Always have clean towels and rags.
restroom paper product and soap delivery
Keep your restroom fully stocked.
mop and mop pad delivery
Wet and dry mops, delivered.

Fewer Headaches For You, More Accountability For Us: RGT Technology πŸ‘•

RGT technology allows us to track and report on garments in our facility resulting in less loss and more accountability for our valued customers.
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RGT technology helps us cut down on lost uniforms

What Our Customers Say πŸ’¬

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"Our previous supplier wasn't providing us with the customer service we deserved. Rentwear changed all that."
Tom Pallone - Ultra Tech

Serving Northeast and Central Ohio 🌰

Whether you're in Cleveland, Akron, Columbus, Youngstown, Canton or anywhere in between, we can offer you great uniform, floor mat and linen service.
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Trusted by Over 2,000 Ohio Companies 🀝

Delivering Excellence Since 1972 πŸŽ₯

Proudly serving Ohio businesses
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What Makes Us Different πŸ“ˆ

Rentwear is family owned

Family-Owned Since 1972

Rentwear is based in North Canton, Ohio

Northeast Ohio Based

We pride ourselves on amazing service

Unmatched Service Quality

our billing practices are transparent

Transparent and Fair Billing

advanced technology

Advanced Technology

our agreements are easy to understand

Understandable Agreements

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