Rentwear Uniform Service Case Study | Akron Energy Systems

Akron Energy Systems is a city owned utility company that provides thermal energy solution to downtown Akron area businesses via steamed and chilled water. The nature of their work requires employees wear Arc rated uniforms so they are protected from electric shock.

When Carla DeSantis joined Akron Energy Systems in 2009 as Safety Director, she found herself spending a lot of her time on a task she wasn’t expecting when she was hired—overseeing a uniform company.


Before DeSantis decided to switch Akron Energy Systems’ uniform provider to Rentwear in early 2014, she dealt with constant complaints from employees regarding their uniforms.

“Deliveries were often incorrect and when the uniforms were delivered, they were very low quality—putting our employees at risk,” DeSantis said. “I found myself calling our provider weekly to request repairs or missing items.”

The problems didn’t end when DeSantis reached out to customer service. She was always given a run around, and the problems were almost never resolved.


When Akron Energy Systems’ contract with their previous supplier ended, DeSantis knew it was time to find a new provider.

She had two requirements in mind for her new uniform provider: customer service and uniform quality.

Rentwear quickly rose to the top of her list after she realized we could provide quality uniforms and top-notch customer service at a price comparable to national uniform providers.

“As soon as we switched to Rentwear, my life became so much easier.” DeSantis said. “I could actually focus on my job instead of constantly worrying about uniforms.”

Rentwear now provides Akron Energy Systems with high quality Arc rated uniforms, standard uniforms, floor mats, shop towels and cleaning towels.

DeSantis noted that she hardly ever has to call about a missing item, but when she does it always arrives the same day.

“There’s no replacement for great customer service,” she said. “If we have a problem, it is resolved within a day. And when we don’t have problems, the owner or service rep still checks in to make sure we’re doing ok—that’s why we love partnering with local companies.”