Auto Mechanic Uniforms for Car Dealership

Rentwear proudly provides Schoner Chevrolet with uniforms

A Hartville, Ohio community staple since 1936, Schoner Chevrolet is one of Stark County’s premier new car dealerships.

President Mark Hanlon has been with the company since 1968 when his dad was running the dealership. Schoner Chevrolet became a Rentwear customer around 1975 when Mark’s father struck a deal with Rentwear president, Roger Clay.

“We’ve been with them ever since then,” Hanlon said. “We often receive offers from other uniform companies, but we’re sticking with Rentwear.”

The History

Hanlon explained that his dad was in Lion’s Club with Roger in the ‘70s, and he valued local relationships. Today, Hanlon maintains close relationships with owners Roger, Dan, Chris and Tadd Clay.

“I prefer relationships and personalized service,” Hanlon said. “And you can’t beat a long-time relationship with a local company.”

Hanlon also mentioned that he can’t remember any specific problems in the 40 plus years Schoner Chevrolet has been with Rentwear.

“Their service is dependable and reliable. Their exceptional consistency makes our uniforms out of sight and out of mind for me, and that’s the way I like it.”
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Rentwear & Schoner Chevrolet Today

Today, Rentwear supplies Schoner Chevrolet’s auto body service department with industrial uniforms on a weekly basis.

The company’s service assistant manager and warranty manager, Dave Hite has been with Schoner since 2000 and works directly with Rentwear.

“Service is everything these days, and they understand that,” Hite said. “We rarely have any problems, but when we do they’re promptly resolved.”

Hite also mentioned Rentwear’s consistency.

“They show up every Tuesday morning like clockwork,” he said. “It really makes my job easier.”

He explained that every so often Schoner looks at the uniforms GM employees wear and adjust theirs to match.

“We update the color and style every couple of years to improve our image,” he said. “Rentwear works with us to get the uniforms we want, and they embroider them with our logo.”

Hite thinks some of his staff would leave if they weren’t provided with work uniforms to wear.

“The technicians tear up their uniforms pretty good, so they wouldn’t want to wear their own clothes,” he said. “Rentwear does a good job of repairing and replacing damaged clothing.”

Like most local business partnerships, the Rentwear/Schoner Chevrolet relationship goes both ways.

“The service manager, Dan Simmons comes out to our location when we need him, and he buys cars from us when he needs a new one,” Hite exclaimed. “They appreciate our business and we appreciate theirs.”