Stomp Out Breast Cancer Floor Mat Campaign

Support a Local Breast Cancer Patient and Nonprofit

Breast cancer affects millions around the world, many of whom live here in Ohio. We’ve seen the impact the disease can have physically, emotionally and financially as some of our team members and their spouses have had breast cancer. This mat helps us raise awareness about breast cancer and allows us to give to an individual patient and a local nonprofit doing amazing work in our community. 

About the Patient

Christine Boron is a Stark County resident battling breast cancer. She has eight kids ages 11-27. She lost her mother to breast cancer and her husband is a prostate cancer survivor. While dealing with her own cancer, she also takes care of her father who has dementia.

Josette Beddell Memorial Foundation

The Josette Beddell Memorial Foundation is based in Canton, OH and helps local Ohio families and patients move forward by providing financial grants to pay the bills or take a day trip and forget about cancer for a while. They also offer college scholarships and positive impact gifts and phone calls. Learn more at

How You Can Get a Mat

Simply fill out the form below if you’d like to support Christine and the Josette Beddell Memorial Foundation by purchasing or renting the breast cancer awareness floor mat. The mat is 3′ x 4′. 

Breast Cancer Awareness Mat
"We've seen the impact breast cancer can have on an individual and their family. That's why it's so important to do everything we can to support local patients and nonprofits that make a difference."
Chris Clay
VP of Production