Auto Mechanic Uniforms for a Canton Company

Brechbuhler partners with Rentwear because we're local and trusted

In Northeast Ohio, ‘locally owned’ is more than a buzzword—it’s a promise to treat local customers and partners with respect and to give back to the community.

Choosing a service provider is always tough. How do you determine whether or not your chosen partner has your best interests in mind? The answer to that question is a lot easier when you partner with another Northeast Ohio business.

Canton, Ohio based Brechbuhler Truck Sales is a MACK and FUSO brand truck dealer and service company. Service manager Darren Prouty oversees about 20 auto mechanics—all of whom need uniforms.

Prouty and Brechbuhler Truck Sales quickly realized the benefits of partnering with a local company when Rentwear took over their mechanic work uniform and shop towel rental service.


Prouty was recently promoted from mechanic to service manager at Brechbuhler Truck Sales. Prior to his promotion, the previous service manager switched the company’s uniform service provider to Rentwear.

“I had Rentwear uniforms at a previous job, so I knew they were local and offered great service,” Prouty said.

Rentwear came in and measured all the employees, including Prouty, for their new uniforms.

“The sizing was a nice touch,” Prouty said. “We had uniforms that fit the first time, and I think everyone appreciated it.”

“Image is very important these days. They repair tears and remove stains like clockwork, so my guys look professional and on brand.”
Rentwear offers mechanic uniforms

The Rentwear Experience

Since taking over as service manager, Prouty is happy with Rentwear’s superior service and local footprint.

“Image is very important these days,” he said. “They repair tears and remove stains like clockwork, so my guys look professional and on brand.”

Customers appreciate a well-dressed service staff and sometimes it can be a deciding factor on which company to choose. Prouty relies on Rentwear to provide professional, clean uniforms for his employees.

After Prouty was promoted he was invited to tour Rentwear’s North Canton, Ohio facility.

“They were so proud of their work,” he said. “And I liked how they employed people instead of machines—they’re supporting the local economy and that’s something we all can get behind.”

Prouty also mentioned he was impressed with how environmentally friendly Rentwear’s processes are.

The Rentwear/Brechbuhler Truck Sales relationship is beneficial to both parties.

“They provide our uniforms, and we fix their trucks,” Prouty noted. “That’s the local touch I really appreciate—you don’t get that with national companies.”