Why Renting Uniforms is Right for Your Business

A recent study revealed that over 70 percent of small business owners thought uniforms were a better form of marketing than TV, radio and newspaper advertising. With this in mind, it’s clear why so many businesses are embracing employee uniforms. But after deciding to implement a uniform program at your company, a big decision must be made: should you buy the uniforms or rent them? Purchasing uniforms might seem more cost-effective at first, but there are benefits to uniform rental programs you should consider before you make a choice.

Cost Effectiveness and Time Management

Like we said before, purchasing uniforms may seem like the cheapest option because rental programs come with recurring payments. However, the management time that comes with buying uniforms is where companies tend to incur the most losses. When you rent uniforms, Rentwear takes care of all the hard work so your employees can get back to completing tasks that generate revenue for your company.

Also – uniform rental programs from Rentwear don’t include an up-front inventory charge. This saves your company money and doesn’t stick you with unwanted uniforms if an employee leaves your company.

uniform rental programs save companies money and time

Image and Branding

Uniforms create a professional image at your company and facilitate a sense of trust for customers. When you rent uniforms, we will ensure your employees have crisp, clean uniforms to wear every day. This way – you don’t have to trust your employees to launder their uniforms, and your company doesn’t have to do it on site—a process that could result in employees showing up to work in dirty uniforms. We also take the time to measure each employee before any uniforms are distributed so your employees will have professional looking uniforms that fit them.


Having one less thing to worry about at work is ideal. Uniform rental programs give you the peace of mind knowing your work apparel will be professionally laundered like clockwork. We also offer free repairs if a uniform is torn, loses a button, etc. We will even replace uniforms after a few years so you can feel confident your employees will always have pristine work wear.

Industry Specific Considerations

The type of work you do is essential to consider when deciding whether or not to rent uniforms. Auto mechanics, landscapers, oil and gas workers and kitchen employees are often exposed to dirt and grease making their uniforms much harder to clean. Businesses in these industries almost always opt for uniform rental over purchase because professional laundering ensures their employee uniforms are clean and free from stains.

Other industries are prone to high turnover rates making purchasing uniforms an expensive endeavor. Each time an employee leaves, their purchased uniform is a sunk cost. Uniform rental allows employees to come and go without incurring an extra uniform cost.

Think a uniform is right for your business? Talk to a member of our sales staff to get started or read our uniform service guide for more information.

Connor is the Director of Marketing at Rentwear Inc. and writes about how uniform, floor mat and linen service can help your company.
Connor Clay