Cintas Work Shirt vs. Red Kap Work Shirt [Video]

We get asked a lot how our products differ from those of our competitors. Many uniform rental companies use the same Red Kap work clothes that we do. So in those cases, the shirts, pants and jackets are exactly the same.

However, the largest and most well-known uniform company in North America manufactures its own clothing. You guessed it, we're talking about Cintas.

Many potential customers believe choosing a family-owned company like Rentwear might mean a drop in product quality. So we decided to compare the standard Cintas work shirt to the standard Red Kap work shirt that we offer. Watch the video below to find out how it went.

Cintas Shirt Review

Cintas did not have a lot of information available online about their standard work shirt. So there's no way to know if the shirt is wrinkle- or stain-resistant. The shirt felt rough to the touch, but it is clearly built to stand up to hard work. Its fabric is a 65/35 poly-cotton blend.

Red Kap Shirt Review

The Red Kap Shirt felt much softer and more comfortable than the Cintas shirt while still being durable enough to resist wear and tear. It is wrinkle-resistant, ensuring you and your team will always look good on the job. The shirt felt like it had more stretch than the Cintas shirt. Its fabric is also a 65/35 poly-cotton blend. You can learn more about the Red Kap Work Shirt on their website.


When compared head-to-head, the Cintas and Red Kap are very similar. But without knowing all of the Cintas shirt information, the Red Kap shirt seems better. Want to learn more about our products and services? Contact us today.
Connor is the Director of Marketing at Rentwear Inc. and writes about how uniform, floor mat and linen service can help your company.
Connor Clay