Construction & Outdoor Worker Uniform Service

Northeast Ohio construction workers, road flaggers, landscapers and oil and gas contractors all count on Rentwear’s high visibility apparel, FR uniforms and floor mats to keep them safe on the job and improve their brand image.

Employee Safety and Compliance

Safety is priority number one when working outdoors in high traffic areas. Hi-Vis shirts, vests and jackets make you stand out on the job whether you’re doing road or building construction, landscaping or working at an airport. Our high visibility uniform rental program also ensures your company is ANSI/ISEA 107 compliant.

We also provide and professionally launder FR shirts, coats, pants and jeans that keep workers safe and your company NFPA compliant at oil and gas sites.

Safety message mats establish a positive culture at any contractor job site.

high visibility uniforms are required on most construction sites

Image Enhancement

Not only do our hi-vis and FR uniforms ensure safety and compliance, they improve your company’s image. Rentwear can embroider your logo and name tag for a professional and branded look employees and customers will appreciate.

Custom designed floor mats with your logo keep your customer’s location clean and promote your company when you bring them on-site.

Our sales staff has years of experience and a deep understanding of OSHA, NFPA and ANSI standards so they can work with you to develop a uniform rental plan that fits your needs.