Why You Shouldn’t Wash Your Work Clothes at Home

Suppose your employer provides you with a uniform or (even better) a uniform service. It would be best to have your clothes professionally laundered rather than taking them home and washing them. Many Americans expose their families to health risks when they throw their dirty work clothes in their home washer and dryer.

COVID-19 Risks

covid-19 risks involved with washing work clothes at home

A recent study found that “virtually all wash processes, with potentially the exception of low-temperature domestic washing, will effectively eliminate any infection risk caused by coronavirus.”

While this is good news for people whose work clothes are professionally laundered, the study found that washing clothes at home could allow the virus to survive.

These findings are significant for essential workers who interact with the public often. These workers should be sure to turn in their uniforms each week or ask your company to implement a uniform rental service program.

General Health and Safety Risks

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COVID-19 aside, there are plenty of risks to washing your work uniform at home. Domestic washers and dryers aren’t built to handle harsh chemicals and hazardous substances. Using them for your work clothes could expose your family and yourself to potential harm.

Some workers wear specialized fabric like FR (flame resistant). These clothes need to be washed with unique soap formulas at specific temperatures. Cleaning them at home could compromise their effectiveness, leaving you unsafe at your job.

It’s best to leave your work uniform at work and let the professionals pick it up and clean it each week. If not, you may put yourself or your family at risk.

How Uniform Companies Like Us Clean Your Work Clothes

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Our industrial washers and dryers are equipped to handle everyday workday filth. Each uniform type has a specific soap formula, water temperature and wash cycle preprogrammed into our machines.

All similar uniforms are washed and dried together to ensure there is no cross-contamination or damage. So you can feel confident your uniform partner is doing everything they can to keep you safe and healthy.

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Connor is the Director of Marketing at Rentwear Inc. and writes about how uniform, floor mat and linen service can help your company.
Connor Clay