Uniform Rental & Facility Services for Mechanic

On a hot July day in 1975, Rentwear president Roger Clay and his partner walked into Larry Burrell’s Sohio station and offered him uniform rental services promising excellent customer service, on-time deliveries and high-quality work apparel. After some discussion, the two sides struck a deal.

Over 40 years later, that deal still exists. The only thing that’s changed is Burrell’s Sohio station is now Engine Company No. 9—an auto repair shop with locations in North Canton and Greentown, Ohio.

Quality Uniform Rental Service

Today, Engine Company No. 9 receives uniform, shop towel, fender cover and floor mat services from Rentwear. While the product quality has always been great, Burrell noted the exceptional service is the real difference.

“The quality service is the reason we’ve stuck around all these years,” Burrell said. “We’ve hardly had any issues, and 40 years is a long time.”

He also noted that Engine Company No. 9 is often approached by competitors, but he has no interest in switching uniform providers.

“They walk in here and say they cut cost for us,” he explained. “But I ask them if they can replicate Rentwear’s service and the answer is always no. Cheaper service doesn’t matter if the quality suffers.”

Not only is Rentwear’s service exceptional in the eyes of Burrell, he’s very happy with the impact the products have on his business.

“To me, uniforms and floor mats give us a clean and professional look,” he said. “Customers are more likely to trust we’ll do the job right when we look professional.”

"To me, uniforms and floor mats give us a clean and professional look. Customers are more likely to trust we’ll do the job right when we look professional."
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Northeast Ohio Supports Northeast Ohio

National laundry companies can promise exceptional service and customer care, but often times they can’t replicate the service of a company that’s based same community as its customers.

“I always try to support local companies,” Burrell said. “Not only does it help the local economy, but you often receive better products and service.”

Engine Company No. 9 is family-owned (Larry and his son Scott run both body shops) just like Rentwear.

“The family-owned aspect seems to trickle down to every Rentwear team member,” Burrell continued. “Everyone I’ve ever dealt with over there has been extremely friendly.”