Rent FR Uniforms | Fire Resistant Clothing Service Northeast Ohio

Bulwark FR clothing

Protect your employees and be compliant with NFPA and ASTM standards and OSHA regulations with flame resistant (FR) apparel. Rentwear has over 25 years of experience in the supply and processing of FR uniforms.

Rentwear features industry leading Bulwark® FR products for women and men:

  • FR Work Shirts
  • FR Uniform Shirts
  • FR Dress Shirts
  • FR Polos
  • fr work wearFR T-Shirts
  • FR Work Pants
  • FR Jeans
  • FR Jackets, Parkas & Hoods
  • FR Coveralls
  • FR Bib Overalls
  • FR Lab Coats
  • FR Work Coats
  • FR Base Layers
  • FR High visibility rain wear
  • FR High visibility and/or enhanced visibility (also available in coveralls, bib overalls, jackets, parkas, T-shirts, work shirts and vests)

is the world’s largest manufacturer of flame resistant apparel with the largest variety of fabrics, garment styles and colors. Rentwear’s professional, Bulwark® University trained sales staff will provide you with all the information you need to make your FR apparel fabric and style choices.

Flame Resistant Clothing That Works For You

Think of FR apparel as a tool, like any other tool your employees need to do their job.

This safety tool will be productive when you:

  • Choose the correct FR apparel product for the job being done.
  • Use it. FR apparel can’t help your team if they don’t wear it or wear it incorrectly. FR
    apparel should cover from neck to wrist to ankles. Tucked in buttoned up and zipped up.
  • Maintain it. Soiled and damaged FR apparel is not safe FR apparel. Soil
    buildup and improper laundering can compromise or degrade flame resistant properties.


Why Rentwear?

  • Safety, comfort, quality, convenience and service.
  • Rentwear’s flame resistant uniform rental programs ensure professional sizing, individual identification, proper laundering and repairs.
  • We deliver your rental uniforms on a scheduled day you can count on week after week. We do our best to make sure our delivery time does not interfere with your peak business hours.
  • Locker units and other storage units are available for the storage and security of your rental uniforms.

If a purchase program is a better fit for your company, Rentwear’s expert sales staff will work with you to create a program tailored to your needs. We will help you protect your investment by educating your team on the proper use, cleaning and maintenance of their FR apparel.

Read about how Akron Energy Systems uses our FR & Arc Rated uniforms & contact us today to learn more about our FR clothing rental services.

Rentwear is a member of OOGA Ohio Oil and Gas Association.