Food Processing Facilities

Our commitment to HACCP procedure makes us a premier uniform and facility service provider for food processing plants.

Food Processing Uniforms

We outfit food processing employees in clean and branded uniforms ensuring food safety and image enhancement. You can be sure your uniforms and apparel are high quality whether you rent or buy from Rentwear.

rent food processing uniforms from Rentwear

We know food processing can get messy and cross contamination is a real concern. That’s why we use the latest in cleaning technology and our procedures are HACCP compliant. This ensures both your employees and food products are safe in your processing plant.

Facility Services

Keep your food processing facility clean with floor mat rental service from Rentwear. Our anti-fatigue floor mats will make it easier for your employees to stand for long hours—increasing their productivity and overall well-being.

We also deliver clean towels and mops so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up inevitable spills and messes that occur during the work day.