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food service uniforms

Project a strong, professional and organized image through all aspects of your Northeast Ohio Restaurant with culinary apparel from Rentwear.

Choose from our large selection of both chef and waitstaff apparel.

  • Food Service Uniform Rental ServiceChef Coats
  • Chef Shirts and Pants
  • Cook Shirts and Pants
  • Wraps
  • Long and Short Butcher Coats
  • Bib Aprons
  • Bistro Aprons
  • Culinary Accessories

We are HACCP compliant, so you can feel safe renting restaurant apparel from Rentwear.

Contact us for a full menu of culinary and food processing apparel to outfit your entire staff.

Safety, comfort, quality, convenience and service.

Rentwear’s customized Food Service Uniform Rental programs ensure your staff is ready for work with HACCP compliant apparel.

We professionally size, identify, launder, repair, pick up dirty and deliver clean rental uniforms. Rentwear delivers on a scheduled day each week providing service you can depend on. Because any delivery is an interruption, we do our best not to interfere with your peak business hours.

Locker units and other storage units are available for the storage and security of your rental uniforms.

Besides our convenient rental service, Food Service apparel purchase programs are another uniform solution from Rentwear. Our expert sales staff will help you create a program with your selections of apparel styles and colors.

Rentwear is your uniform solution. We get you ready for work!

Rentwear is a member of the International HACCP Alliance,  ECO Food Dealers Association and Tri-County Restaurant