Uniform Rental for a Northeast Ohio Business

General Transport uses Rentwear's uniform a floor mat service

General Transport, an Akron, Ohio company, provides over the road trucking, logistics and brokerage services for customers in the Midwest, South & Southeast. General Transport requires upwards of 24 employees to wear uniforms on the job—resulting in a need for a reliable uniform rental service.

Michaelann Hammonds has been with General Transport for almost 20 years and handles accounting, purchasing and employee medical benefits. She oversees the uniform rental program and felt it was time to change providers in mid-2016.


A typical uniform rental agreement is written for five years of service. During that time, a company cannot switch providers without incurring additional fees or facing potential legal action.

“We weren’t thrilled with our previous provider’s service, but the nature of our agreement didn’t allow us to switch providers for quite some time,” Hammonds said.

General Transport had been with their previous uniform company since 2001 and Hammonds felt like the provider was out of touch with their business.

“When there were problems, I never knew if and when they would be resolved and by whom,” she said. “The communication between the driver and route manager was lacking, and the driver assigned to our route changed many times over the years.”

The bottom line: Hammonds and General Transport didn’t feel that their previous provider valued them as a customer.

“It just felt like the right fit. Both of our companies are family-owned and I really felt like they understood our business and our needs.”
General Transport workers in Rentwear uniforms


Rentwear approached General Transport about switching uniform service providers during the Summer of 2016. The timing coincided perfectly with the end of their previous service agreement.

“It just felt like the right fit,” Hammonds said. “Both of our companies are family-owned and I really felt like they understood our business and our needs.”

After General Transport switched to Rentwear, owners Dan and Roger Clay visited their facility as many times as possible to ensure a seamless transition. They even took the time to measure all 24 employees who needed uniforms.

“It’s not easy to clothe 24 men with different sizes and other issues,” Hammonds continued. “It was such a relief that Rentwear came out and measured each employee individually in order to get it right the first time.”

General Transport now receives uniform and floor mat service from Rentwear, and Hammonds is very pleased with the product and service quality.

“The uniform and floor mat quality is great, but I’m especially pleased with the service,” she said. “If we have a problem, I know I can email Dan and he’ll get back to me as soon as possible with a solution. They take the time to connect with us on a personal level—there’s no substitution for that.”

Rentwear is proud to supply General Transport with uniforms and floor mats.

“Being a family business ourselves, we understand and appreciate the time and challenge that comes with the transition to a new program,” Dan Clay remarked. “Our attention to each individual wearer by taking measurements and explaining the program as well as being there throughout the installation helps make the transition easier on everyone We are proud of the business relationship we’ve developed with General Transport.”