You Can’t Beat Great Service for Local Pasta Sauce Company

Mid's True Sicilian Pasta Sauce

Mid’s True Sicilian Pasta Sauce has been a household staple for years because they stick to their roots and offer a truly delicious product. At Rentwear, we strive to do the same for our customers — except we don’t recommend eating our uniforms or towels.

Mid’s has been a Rentwear customer for over 20 years in large part due to the relationship between Tommy Bonk, Mid’s Director of Operations, and Dan Simmons, Rentwear’s Service Manager.

Service and People Make The Difference

Simmons has been Mid’s service rep for as long as they’ve received mats, towels, aprons, t-shirts and mops from Rentwear. He and Bonk built a strong relationship over that time.

“Dan stops in or calls me about five times per year,” Bonk said. “It’s the perfect amount because he shows up enough that I know he cares, but it doesn’t feel like he’s pestering me.”

He mentioned that whenever he has a question or wants to change up his service, he can call Simmons and it will be handled.

“I don’t like automated answering services,” he explained. “One of my favorite things about Rentwear is knowing whom to call when I need something. It makes my job easier.”

Bonk also noted that he’s only had one issue arise in all his time with Rentwear and it was resolved immediately.

“Rentwear switched our towels to a different material, and they just didn’t work for us,” he said. “I called Dan, and he switched us back to our old towels within a day or two – no problem at all.”

“We got a mat with our newest marinara sauce jar on it, and it looks spectacular”
Mid's put their newest marinara sauce jar on a floor mat

A Local Business and Quality Products

Bonk said the products he receives from Rentwear are always high quality. So much so that he often gets compliments on his custom floor mat.

“We got a mat with our newest marinara sauce jar on it, and it looks spectacular,” he explained. “We often get compliments on it because it pops against our white floor.”

Bonk is in charge of all purchasing for Mid’s, and he prefers local vendors if possible.

“Location, location, location,” he said. “I feel like local partners have a better understanding of our business, and they’re nearby so problems are quickly resolved.”

For Bonk – it boils down to a personal relationship, quality product and supporting the local economy. When you add all of those together, you have a service partnership that lasts.