Grocery Store Uniforms & Facility Services

From large Ohio grocery chains to mom and pop shops, Rentwear can deliver what grocers need to improve their brand, protect their employees and keep their facilities clean.

Image and Brand Enhancement

Give your staff a professional and branded look customers will appreciate. Rentwear provides professionally embroidered and freshly laundered polo shirts and aprons through our grocery uniform rental program to promote your brand and enhance the company image.

Our high quality logo and message mats are available for rent or purchase and are designed to promote your store’s brand, offer point-of-purchase advertising and keep your floors clean.

Let Rentwear provide your grocery store with aprons and polos

Employee Protection and Comfort

Our butcher coat and meat frock rental and HACCP compliant laundry service keeps your employees safe and protected. We also offer uniform rental service for deli and bakery staff.

Anti-fatigue floor mats allow cashiers, butchers and deli workers to stand comfortably for hours—making them happier and more pleasant with customers.

Store Cleanliness

Customers are more likely to shop at your store if they feel it is clean and well kept. Our floor mat, mop, and towel laundry service create a clean and welcoming environment both shoppers and employees will love.

Our restroom supply service ensures your bathrooms are always well stocked and clean. We deliver hand soap and sanitzer, paper products and urinal care supplies so you never have to worry about purchasing them again.