HACCP Compliance | Food Safety Procedure

Rentwear’s pledge to HACCP procedure helps prevent foodborne illness caused by cross contamination & unclean garments.

1. Food service garments are washed separate from industrial items at 160 degrees Fahrenheit. They are then dried & placed in carts marked ‘clean only’

dryer-carts2. Employees sanitize their hands prior to handling clean food service garments to prevent contamination

uniform-shirt-rail3. Food service garments are inspected during the hanging process then steamed in a 300 degree steam tunnel

final-inspection4. Freshly steamed garments then go through a final inspection & count in a storage area separate from other uniforms

final test5. After the garments receive approval, they are poly-wrapped & sent to overhead storage

loading-truck6. The poly-wrapped garments are then seamlessly loaded into the middle rows of a clean delivery truck to avoid contact with truck walls & other service items

garment-loading7. HACCP account is delivered as the first stop of the day, so all clean items are removed before dirty ones are placed on the truck

Interested in partnering with Rentwear to ensure your food service garments are clean and safe? Contact us to get started.