How to Clean Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mats {4 Easy Steps}

Anti-fatigue kitchen and bar mats are typical at restaurants across the country for many reasons. They keep bartenders, cooks and other standing employees comfortable. They catch grease and grime. And they're sometimes mandated by OSHA.

With all the good that comes with these mats, there is one problem — they get dirty. Spills are frequent behind bars and in kitchens. Plus, food crumbs, dirt and other debris can get stuck in or beneath your anti-fatigue mats. So how do you keep your kitchen and bar mats clean? Here's how it's done in four easy steps.

Sweep Your Anti-Fatigue Mat with a Broom

sweep the debris off your kitchen mat

The first thing you need to do is remove all loose debris from your mat. Grab a broom and a dustpan and sweep all the crumbs, dirt and other loose debris away. You can do this weekly to ensure your mat stays clean for longer periods.

Scrub the Mat with Water and Soap

scrub your anti-fatigue mat

Mix dish soap and water in a large bucket and grab a sponge because it's scrubbing time. No need to reach for more harsh or acidic detergents because they may be too strong and ruin your rubber mat. Scrub until all the stains and sticky spots are washed away. Pro-tip: do this and the following steps outside or in a garage.

Rinse the Mat

rinse the mat off with a hose

Depending on your resources and the size of your mat, you could use a hose, the sink, the shower or a water bucket to rinse away the soap. Make sure all the dirt and grime is removed from the mat after the soap is washed away.

Let the Mat Dry

make sure the rubber mat is completely dry

Air drying typically works the best here as dryers not designed for rubber mats could cause damage. Make sure your kitchen mat is completely dry before you lay it back down because moisture trapped between it and the floor could cause mold and mildew.

What if I Don’t Have Time to Do This?

You’re in luck! Rentwear provides anti-fatigue mat service, so you never have to worry about having clean bar and kitchen mats. We stop by your business on a predetermined schedule to drop off clean mats and take the dirty ones back to our plant to be washed. That way, you can focus on serving your customers rather than cleaning your mats.

Talk to us today about rubber mat service for your restaurant or bar.

Connor is the Director of Marketing at Rentwear Inc. and writes about how uniform, floor mat and linen service can help your company.
Connor Clay