4 Ways to Stay Cool at Work During the Summer

The dog days of summer are here, and that means hot days on the job. Construction workers, road crews, landscapers and other outdoor workers deal with hot and humid weather all summer long in Ohio. It’s impossible to beat the heat entirely, but there are ways you can stay cool while on the job this summer.

Set Up a Canopy or Tent for Shade

Sometimes natural shade is hard to find at a job site, so you have to make some on your own. Depending on the size of your crew, a small canopy or a large tent (like the ones you see at graduation parties) will provide some much-needed shade to stand in during breaks and lunch. Put a few tables and chairs under there, and you have a perfect spot to cool off between projects.

Hydrate, Hydrate Hydrate

We all know it’s important to stay hydrated while you’re on the job, but it’s equally as important to hydrate in the days before. Scorching temperatures cause your body to lose water steadily through sweat, so you need to make sure you’re adequately hydrated before you even show up to work to ensure your body has what it needs to make it through the day.

how to stay cool when working outside

Wear Light and Breathable Clothing

Some jobs require FR or high visibility clothing, but that doesn’t mean it has to be hot and cumbersome. Today’s work uniforms are more breathable than ever before with features like state-of-the-art fabric and mesh paneling so you can stay cool even in a long sleeve shirt.

Rentwear has the latest styles and technology workwear has to offer. From the new Bulwark iQ clothing to breathable hi-vis uniforms, you’re sure to find something to keep your team cool and compliant for summer jobs.

Invest in a Misting Fan

Or just a regular fan. Anything to give yourself a little breeze. Misting fans are proven to lower the temperature of the air around them. You can place these around the exterior and interior of your job site to ensure you and your team stay cool even on the hottest days.

Want to learn more about the work uniforms we offer and how we stay cool in our plant during the summer? Talk to a member of our team today!

Connor is the Director of Marketing at Rentwear Inc. and writes about how uniform, floor mat and linen service can help your company.
Connor Clay