What If Professionals Wore the Wrong Uniforms


You probably don't think much about the clothes worn by professionals in the world around you. Road workers wear bright and shiny vests, doctors wear scrubs and firefighters wear heavy striped jackets and pants. But what would the world look like if those professionals traded in their traditional work clothes in favor of something different? And how would that affect their work? Let's find out.

A Janitor Wearing Scrubs

a janitor wearing scrubs

Well, obviously it looks ridiculous. Our first thought was "where is he going to put his giant keyring?" Janitors typically wear dark-colored coveralls or a matching shirt/pant combo with plenty of pocket storage for keys and tools.

Scrubs don't offer nearly enough storage and don't hide stains like the dark, thick clothing janitors typically don. Plus they aren't thick enough to protect the wearer from harsh cleaning chemicals typically used in the janitorial field. The only thing that makes sense about this janitors outfit is his mask which will likely be required for some time due to COVID-19.

A Mechanic Wearing a Firefighter's Uniform

mechanic in a firefighter's uniform

The look on his face says it all. Auto mechanics often need to contort their bodies to get to hard-reach-places when fixing your car. Simply put, it'd be really hard to change a tire in a firefighter's pants and jacket. Not to mention the thick, flame-resistant fabric would make for a hot day at the shop.

Auto mechanic's wear a short-sleeved work shirt and pants made with lightweight fabric that can stand up to things like oil and grease. Luckily - they don't need FR clothing like firemen and other professionals do.

A Welder In a High Visibility Vest

welder in a high visibility vest

Trust us when we tell you that welding creates plenty of visibility on its own, so high visibility vests are not needed. Plus, welders need to be covered head to toe in flame resistant apparel. A mesh vest could turn into dangerous kindling if something went wrong.

Hi-vis vests and shirts are great for road workers and other jobs where visibility is paramount for safety. Welding just doesn't fall into that category.

Road Worker in Coveralls

road worker in coveralls

Now this is wear we need some high visibility clothing. Road workers are required to wear bright clothing with reflective striping, so they can be easily seen by drivers. The coveralls shown above could put the worker in danger because they don't give him enough visibility.

If it were up to us, we'd have the welder from the last example trade his high visibility vest for the FR coveralls this road worker is wearing. That way, they'll both be much safer.


Not only is a professional wearing  the wrong uniform off-putting, it's dangerous and unpractical. If you need help picking out the best work clothes for your team, we can help with that.