Linen and Towel Service for Massillon, Ohio Country Club

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Price, product quality and service. These three things can make or break a customer relationship in our industry. At Rentwear, we strive to deliver excellent products at a competitive price with personalized service that’s unmatched.

Troy Grove, general manager at Shady Hollow Country Club, relies on Rentwear to keep his supply rooms stocked and his club looking good — even on weekends.

“One of the best things about Rentwear is the response time,” Grove said. “If I need something, I know it’ll be here as soon as possible – no matter what day of the week it is.”

As the general manager of a country club, Grove needs to create a pristine image and environment at Shady Hollow.

“Our members expect everything to look nice when they come here,” he explained. “Rentwear often invests in new table cloths and napkins and they’re always pressed, so I know our tables will always be up to our membership’s standards.”

For Grove, the personalized service and peace of mind knowing he’ll have what he needs is key.

“I’ve been with Rentwear both here at Shady Hollow and at a previous job with another Stark County country club, and the personalized service has kept me happy for many years,” he said. “Being able to call their office and talk to a real human being who can help me that day is a lifesaver.”

“Being able to call their office and talk to a real human being who can help me that day is a lifesaver.”
tablecloth and linen service for Massillon, OH country club

And while great products and service are important, price is a key factor for many businesses – including Shady Hollow.

“When you compare Rentwear’s price to others in the industry, there’s no comparison. Their prices are extremely fair,” Grove said. “And even if you could find a lower price and save a few pennies, the service couldn’t come close to what Rentwear provides.”

He even mentioned how neat and clean our service representatives keep their stock rooms.

“It’s not just about keeping our dining areas looking great, their route service representatives really care about the job they do and that results in our stock rooms always being neat and tidy after they leave,” Grove said. “It’s a tremendous help to our staff.”

At the end of the day, Grove knows his linens, floor mats, towels and staff uniforms will be taken care of. And that’s what matters to him.