Bistro & Bib Apron Rental Service | Chef Clothing Service

Let Rentwear keep your wait and kitchen staff looking on brand. Our apron and chef-wear rental program provides you with high quality uniforms with your restaurant logo professionally embroidered. We offer bib and bistro aprons for restaurants, bars and coffee shops and shop aprons for our industrial and manufacturing customers.

Bib aprons make your wait staff look professionalBib Apron Service

Protect your staff’s clothing and create a professional, uniform look in your restaurant with bib aprons from Rentwear. Bib aprons cover employees from their chest to their knees and are available in many sizes and colors.

Bib aprons are perfect for both kitchen and wait staff.

Bistro Apron Service

Bistro aprons serve a hip and practical purposeBistro aprons give your wait staff a hip and modern look while providing practicality. These aprons come in a variety of sizes and colors and cover employees from their waist to their knees or ankles depending on length.

Chef-Wear and Deli Jackets

We offer chef coats, shirts and pants as well as butcher jackets so your restaurant or grocery store staff looks clean and professional. Our laundering processes are HACCP compliant so you can feel confident the food you serve is contaminant free. Learn more about our food service uniforms.

Why Rent Aprons and Chef-Wear from Rentwear?

Rental programs save you and your staff time and money purchasing and washing uniforms. Our experienced sales staff with work with you to determine an apron and kitchen-wear service program that fits your needs.

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