Towel Cleaning & Delivery Service | Bath, Bar & Roll Towels

Featuring cotton and microfiber towels, Rentwear is sure to have a drying solution to fit your needs. Whether you’re a bar owner, a country club golf supervisor or a church employee we a have a towel service program for you.

Towels We Offer

  • Rent clean towels from RentwearBar and kitchen towels – for wiping down wet table and bar tops
  • Bath towels – for company bathrooms and church baptisms
  • Roll towels – for bathroom hand drying
  • Golf cart towels – help your golfers keep their clubs clean after every shot

Why Rent Towels from Rentwear?

Our towels are professionally laundered and HACCP compliant for our restaurant customers. Towel rental programs are more environmentally friendly than paper towels, and they save you money on cleaning costs. Ready to work with Rentwear?

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