Local Uniform Companies in all 50 States


If you work in an industry that requires some combination of uniforms, floor mats, towels or restroom supplies, you probably dealt with a national supplier at some point. There are a few publicly funded uniform companies that service all 50 states. But sometimes local companies want to work with other local companies — not large corporations. Are there any local alternatives out there?

It turns out there are! We found a family-owned uniform and floor mat company in all 50 states. So you can partner with a company that's based in your community. Read on to find the info for your local laundry.

cintas alternatives in all 50 states


Taylor Linen Services

Name: Taylor Linen Services

Website: https://www.taylorlinenservices.com/

Phone number: (800)-821-7222


Snow White Uniforms and Linen Supply

Name: Snow White Uniforms & Linen Supply

Website: http://www.snowwhitelinen.com/

Phone number: (907)-222-7738


Prudential Overall Supply

Name: Prudential Overall Supply

Website: https://www.prudentialuniforms.com/

Phone number: (602)-233-1994


United Linen & Uniform Service

Name: United Linen & Uniform Services

Website: http://www.unitedlinen.com/

Phone number: (800)-259-6808


Budget Uniform Rental

Name: Budget Uniform Rental

Website: https://www.budget-uniform.com/

Phone number: (310)-532-7550


Sno-White Linen & Uniform Renta

Name: Sno-White Linen & Uniform Rental

Website: https://www.snowhitelinen.com/

Phone Number: (800)-770-9343


Stamford Uniform

Name: Stamford Uniform

Website: http://www.stamfordlinen.com/

Phone Number: (203)-504-3111


Capitol Uniform & Linen Service

Name: Capitol Uniform & Linen Service

Website: http://www.capitollinen.com/

Phone number: (302)-674-1511


Brevard Uniform Company

Name: Brevard Uniform Company

Website: http://brevarduniformcompany.com/

Phone number: (321)-383-1358


J.W. Outfitters

Name: J.W. Outfitters

Website: https://www.jwoutfitters.com/

Phone number: (800)-554-7662



Name: Dust-Tex

Website: https://www.dusttexhonolulu.com/

Phone number: (808)-842-4811


All Pro Linen

Name: All Pro Linen

Website: https://www.allprolinen.com/

Phone number: (208)-678-1013

From the company: Here at All Pro Linen, we are proud to call the Magic Valley home. Locally owned and operated, we love the people here. Southern Idaho is home to honest, hardworking individuals who care about their family and lend a hand to their neighbors. We’ve taken this salt-of-the-earth philosophy and instilled it into our own company values. No matter where your business is located, it’s our mission to support you. No unfair contracts, no overbilling, and never an unsatisfactory service or unethical practice. We have all the tools, supplies, and services to meet your company’s individual linen needs.



Name: Roscoe

Website: https://eroscoe.com/

Phone number: (888)-476-7263



Name: Plymate

Website: https://www.plymate.com/

Phone number: (317)-392-3283


City Clean & Simple

Name: City Clean & Simple

Website: https://www.citycleanandsimple.com/

Phone number: (800)-798-5621


Ace Imagewear

Name: Ace Imagewear

Website: https://www.aceimagewear.com/

Phone number: (816)-231-5737


Springfield Laundry

Name: Springfield Laundry

Website: http://www.springfieldlaundry.com/

Phone number: (888)-806-8306


Porter's Industrial Service

Name: Porter's Industrial

Website: https://portersindustrial.com/

Phone number: (318)-213-6287


Pratt Abbott Uniform & Linen

Name: Pratt Abbott Uniform & Linen

Website: https://www.prattabbottlinen.com/

Phone number: (207)-854-5405

From the company: Pratt Abbott Uniform & Linen is a full-service provider of linens, uniforms, towels, mats, cleaning chemicals and restroom products for restaurants, hotels, lodging, medical clinics, service providers, and manufacturers. We offer top-quality products backed by a dependable cleaning and maintenance schedule that guarantees a fresh supply of clean, ready-to-use business necessities. Partner with our family-owned business for reliable and responsive management of all your image and apparel needs.


Lord Baltimore

Name: Lord Baltimore

Website: https://www.lordbaltimoreuniform.com/

Phone number: (800)-292-1224


New England Uniform

Name: New England Uniform

Website: https://newenglanduniform.com/

Phone number: (800)-432-2349


Gallagher Uniform

Name: Gallagher Uniform

Website: https://www.gallagheruniform.com/

Phone number: (269)-965-5171

Maurer's Textile

Name: Maurer's Textile

Website: https://maurerstextile.com/

Phone number: (877)-321-2811


Huebsch Services

Name: Huebsch Services

Website: https://huebsch-services.com/

Phone number: (651)-686-2320



Name: Sanico

Website: http://www.sanicomat.com/

Phone number: (601)-775-3111




Website: https://www.cleanuniform.com/

Phone number: (800)-462-5326

From the company: CLEAN, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri since 1938, is the area’s premier provider of industrial, business and healthcare apparel rental programs. As one of the largest independent, family-owned industrial launders in the United States, we are proud to be different by focusing on customized uniform and textile programs, being technology driven and keeping what we do green. Our commitment to the highest quality customer service is what has sustained us for over 80 years!


Big Sky Linen & Uniform

Name: Big Sky Linen & Uniform

Website: https://bigskylinen.com/

Phone number: (406)-252-5172


Max I. Walker

Name: Max I. Walker

Website: https://www.maxiwalkeruniform.com/

Phone number: (800)-245-6058


Vogue Linen & Uniform Rental

Name: Vogue Linen & Uniform Rental

Website: http://www.voguelinen.com/www.voguelinen.com/index.html

Phone number: (800)-659-0732

New Hampshire

General Linen Service

Name: General Linen Service

Website: https://www.generallinen.com/

Phone number: (800)-582-7209

New Jersey

American Wear

Name: American Wear

Website: https://americanwear.com/

Phone number: (937)-414-9200

New Mexico

American Linen & Uniform Supply

Name: American Linen & Uniform Supply

Website: http://www.yourlinencompany.com/

Phone number: (575)-526-6641

New York

W.H. Christian & Sons, Inc.

Name: W.H. Christian & Sons, Inc.

Website: http://www.whchristian.com/

Phone number: (718)-389-7000

North Carolina


Name: Rental Uniform Service

Website: https://rentaluniform.com/north/

Phone number: (704)-872-2718

North Dakota

Bubba's Bubbles

Name: Bubba's Bubbles

Website: https://www.bubbasbubblesnd.com/

Phone number: (701)-572-4806



Name: Rentwear Inc.

Website: https://rentwear.com/

Phone number: (866)-374-4118

From the company: At Rentwear, we give business owners and managers peace of mind by helping them maintain a safe, clean and professional-looking workplace through reliable uniform, floor mat and linen service.


CTC Corp

Name: CTC Corp

Website: https://www.ctc-corp.net/

Phone number: (800)-926-5646


Oregon Linen

Name: Oregon Linen

Website: https://www.oregonlinen.com/

Phone number: (541)-672-1663


Dempsey Uniform

Name: Dempsey Uniform & Linen Supply

Website: http://www.dempseyuniform.com/

Phone number: (800)-378-8060

Rhode Island

Falvey Linen Supply

Name: Falvey Linen Supply

Website: https://falveylinen.com/

Phone number: (401)-942-8900

South Carolina

Rental Uniform Service

Name: Rental Uniform Service

Website: https://rentaluniform.com/south/

Phone number: (800)-452-4508

South Dakota

Servall Uniform & Linen Supply

Name: Servall Uniform & Linen Supply

Website: https://www.servall.net/

Phone number: (605)-343-0680


Uniform Masters

Name: Uniform Masters

Website: http://uniform-masters.com/

Phone number: (901)-363-4841


Brite Star

Name: Brite Star

Website: https://britestaruniform.com/

Phone number: (800)-462-5670


Rental Uniform Service

Name: Alsco

Website: https://alsco.com/

Phone number: (800)-408-0208


Foley Services

Name: Foley Services

Website: https://www.foleylinen.com/

Phone number: (800)-639-0110


Staunton Steam Laundry

Name: Staunton Steam Laundry

Website: https://www.stauntonsteam.com/

Phone number: (540)-886-2304

Staunton Steam Laundry

Name: Ace Uniform

Website: https://www.aceuniform.com/

Phone number: (540)-886-2304


U.S. Linen and Uniform

Name: U.S. Linen and Uniform

Website: https://uslinen.com/

Phone number: (888)-875-4636

From the company: We’re a family owned business and have been serving the Pacific Northwest for over 75 years! Our priority is and has always been to provide linen and uniform services that you can rely on. We take the hassle out, so business owners and managers can focus on what’s important. Thanks for naming us as Washington’s choice for linens and uniforms!

West Virginia

Superior Laundries

Name: Superior Laundries

Website: https://superior-uniforms.com/

Phone number: (304)-366-7369


ITU AbsorbTech

Name: ITU AbsorbTech

Website: https://ituabsorbtech.com/

Phone number: (888)-729-4884

From the company: As a family owned and operated business, we believe in building long-term, loyal partnerships built on trust and transparency. Our Genuine Service Excellence team is committed to your 100% satisfaction! And with StraightUp!™ billing, you can easily budget for the annual expense of your uniform program because there are no added fees or hidden charges. Thank you for choosing ITU AbsorbTech as Wisconsin’s family-owned choice for industrial uniforms.


High Country Linen Service

Name: High Country Linen Service

Website: https://highcountrylinen.com/

Phone number: (307)-733-2638

Connor is the Director of Marketing at Rentwear Inc. and writes about how uniform, floor mat and linen service can help your company.
Connor Clay