How Wearing a Mask Protects You and Your Coworkers


Ohio Governor Mike DeWine's message on masks is simple: wear one because they help save lives. As businesses begin to reopen and we start to leave our homes again, governors across the country have required or strongly recommended wearing masks in the workplace. But how do face covers protect you, your coworkers and your customers?

Cloth Masks

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Since true PPE is in high demand and reserved for doctors and nurses, the CDC recommends the rest of us wear cloth face covers. These typically cover your nose and mouth and are secured around your ears.

While they are not a substitute for N95 or surgical masks, cloth masks do help keep your germs to yourself while out in public or at work.

Since COVID-19 can be transmitted by asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic people, doctors and government officials say to behave like we are currently infected. So we all should stay at least six feet away from others and wear a mask to minimize the spread.

Cloth face coverings don’t completely prevent the spread of germs, but they are much better than wearing nothing at all. The cloth fabric filters your breathing – catching small particles while still allowing you to get the oxygen you need. You should consider washing your cloth mask regularly or switching to a new one every few days to ensure it remains fresh and safe for you and others.

Acquiring Cloth Masks

The CDC has instructions for making your mask using an old t-shirt or bandana. This is a fun way to protect yourself and your family while tapping into your creative side. Many retailers are also selling cloth face covers. The price depends on the quality, and some take a long time to ship due to demand.

At Rentwear, we have single-ply 50/50 poly-cotton face covers available for our customers. They are $1.50 apiece, and a portion of the proceeds will go to organizations helping those affected by COVID-19.


Cloth masks are here to stay and are required at most workplaces. They keep you and your coworkers safe by catching germs and other particles as you breathe. They are readily available online and should be taken advantage of. Don't worry, they're pretty comfortable, and you'll get used to them quickly. Stay safe and healthy!

See this CDC article for more information on the points mentioned above.

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Connor Clay