New Uniform and Facility Service Products From Rentwear

We’re always getting new uniform, floor mat and janitorial products. Bookmark this page to stay up to date with everything new and exciting that comes through our doors.

Waterhog Plus Floor Mat

The Waterhog Plus Floor Mat features a water dam border and raised nubs designed to hold dirt and moisture — keeping your entryway dry and clean.


  • Absorb and hold more water and dirt than standard carpet floor mats
  • More durable and suited for high traffic areas

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the Waterhog Plus floor mat is durable and can hold a lot of water


Our new Grab-A-Rags are made of super absorbent microfiber that cleans in one pass. They’re perfect for cleaning glasswear at bars and restaurants and come in a portable box for easy grab and go cleaning.


  • Absorb: removes soil wet or dry and wipes down surfaces 99.9% without chemicals
  • Clean: attracts, traps and holds dirt and dust particles for a superior clean
  • Dry: Wicks away moisture with super absorbent microfiber and dries surfaces in one pass

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microfiber towels for restaurants and bars

Shop Shirt with OilBlok Technology

The new OilBlok technology from Red Kap stops the toughest oil and auto fluids from staining your work shirt. Its special fabric causes the oil to bead up and roll right off. Available in eight different color combinations.

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auto shop work shirt that repels oil