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rent food service and chef uniforms in Northeast Ohio

Restaurant & Food Processing Uniforms

Project a strong, professional and organized image through all aspects of your northeast Ohio restaurant, food processing facility or grocery store with culinary clothing from Rentwear. We are HACCP compliant, so you can feel safe renting chef and restaurant uniforms from Rentwear.

Choose from our large selection of food service uniforms or visit the Red Kap website to see our full product offering.

RGT Technology

RGT technology allows us to track and report on garments in our facility resulting in less loss and more accountability for our valued customers.

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RGT Technology

Why Rent Food Service Uniforms from Rentwear?

Our food service uniform laundering process is HACCP compliant, so you can feel safe knowing your work apparel won’t contaminate your food. We will develop a uniform rental program that fits your schedule and your business needs, so you have more time to focus on your work instead of your uniforms.

Contact us today to start renting food service uniforms.

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