Hand Soap & Sanitzer Supply | Air Freshener for Bathrooms
hand soap and air freshener supply

Bathroom Essentials

Hand Soap and Sanitizer Supply

Hand washing at work is more than a common courtesy, it’s a requirement. Employees who frequently wash their hands are proven to take less sick days resulting in more productivity. We offer both luxury foam hand soap and industrial soy natural hand soap to fit your needs. We even provide automatic and manual soap and sanitizer dispensers for easy access. Contact us for a hand soap or sanitzer free trial.

hand soap and sanitizer dispensersHand Soap and Sanitizer Features and Benefits

  • Reduced spread of germs
  • Portion controlled dispensers
  • Gentle and effective ingredients

Air Freshener Supply

We all know the feeling of walking into a stinky bathroom—it’s the worst. Air fresheners from Rentwear are battery operated and dispense fresh fragrance automatically. Our professional staff will replace your battery and fragrance every four weeks so you never have to worry about a foul-scented bathroom again.

air freshener supply from RentwearAir Freshener Features and Benefits

  • Automatically dispensed fragrance
  • Pleasant smelling bathrooms at all times
  • Odor neutralizing

Why Hand Soap, Sanitizer and Air Fresheners from Rentwear?

We take the hassle out of restroom supplies. Our convenient delivery service ensures your hand cleansing and air freshening supplies are always stocked. Our expert service staff will work with your to determine a delivery and service plan to fit your needs, so you can focus on real work instead of stocking restrooms.

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