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Urinal care supplies

Keep Your Urinals Clean

Rentwear has the products you need to keep your urinals clean and smell-free. Featuring deodorizing urinal screens, OmniGuard urinal cleaners and urinal and toilet floor guards—your restrooms will look and feel cleaner.

Deodorizing Urinal Screens

Our urinal screens clean and eliminate odors with a fresh and noticeable fragrance. Our service staff will replace your urinal screen every four weeks, so you can rest easy knowing every thing is taken care of.

OmniGuard Urinal Cleaner

The OminGuard is an all-in-one urinal cleaner, deodorizer and descaler. It features a powerful cleaner designed to remove years of build-up and prevent new build-up—saving you money on plumbing service. The OminGuard’s odor eliminator makes your bathroom feel and smell more inviting.

We replace the OminGuard every eight weeks to ensure your always receive top urinal care performance.

Miss Mats – Urinal and Toilet Floor Guards

Eliminate unwanted drips and splashes and prevent staining and discoloring of your restroom floors with miss mats from Rentwear. We replace miss mats every two weeks to ensure your restroom is fresh and sanitary.

Why Urinal Care from Rentwear?

Our urinal care products will improve the restroom experience for employees and customers alike. You’ll enjoy clean and odorless urinals without constant cleaning and attention. Work with a member of our knowledgeable sales staff to determine a urinal care service plan that’s right for you.

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