Scraper Mat Rental in Northeast Ohio | Rubber Floor Mat Rental

Introducing our brand new SuperScrape floor mats! Available in both 100% Nitrile rubber or general purpose natural rubber, these mats’ molded surface cleats scrape away tough dirt and grime better than ever before.

The SuperScrape mats come in four OSHA-approved safety striped borders and are certified high traction by the National Floor Safety Institute. Contact us to learn more about these new scraper mats.

The SuperScrape floor mat stops dirt and grime at the door

We get it. Kitchens, manufacturing areas and auto repair bays are all dirty areas. Your employees need a mat that is chemical resistant and allows them to scrape their shoes clean without hassle. Our scraper mats are made entirely of Nirtile rubber and feature raised cleats that easily remove moisture and debris from shoe soles.

Scraper mats are also great in entryways especially during the winter when customers and employees are likely to track snow and salt into your office.

Scraper mats are great for outside entryways

Scraper Mat Features and Benefits

  • Prevent outdoor debris and moisture
  • Chemical resistant
  • Grease resistant
  • NFSI High Traction certified

Why Rent Scraper Mats from Rentwear?

With 45 years of experience on our side, we can design a scraper mat rental program that’s right for your business—big or small. Our excellent sales and service staff will make sure you have clean scraper mats every week with deliveries that fit your busy schedule.

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