Service Company Uniform Rental | Trade Business Image Enhancement

Plumbers, repairmen, technicians and construction companies alike rent uniforms, floor mats and more from Rentwear.

Service Uniform Rental

We understand that different service-based businesses have different uniform and apparel needs. Whether you’re an electrician who needs flame resistant coveralls or an HVAC installer who needs regular industrial uniforms, Rentwear can take care of you.

Our custom branded work wear helps enhance name recognition for plumbers, mechanics and more.

Rentwear has uniforms and other products for service businesses

We professionally clean your uniforms and deliver them at your convenience. Our sales staff has a deep understanding of service businesses and will work with you to determine your specific uniform needs.

Facility Services for Your Business

Choose from a wide variety of products like floor mats, mops and wiping cloths that we launder and deliver at no hassle for you.

We also deliver restroom supplies such as toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap and more so you can worry about your trade instead of stocking restrooms.

Interested in Rentwear’s service for your trade business? Contact us today to work with a member of our expert sales staff.

Donamarc Water Systems rents uniforms for their service reps from Rentwear

“Not only are the uniforms great for safety and branding, our staff really appreciates the fact that they don’t have to wear and wash their own clothes for work.”

Brandon Mantel
Donamarc Water Systems Co.
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