Reviews & Testimonials

The Employees Make the Difference

What makes the difference for this company are the employees. The product is consistent and of excellent quality but what makes this company stand out are the exceptional employees that we interact with. We are particularly fond of Dan; and while he is very fast getting in and out of our office, he still is able to be personable and friendly. Couldn’t ask for better.
Martha Balch

Always on Schedule

I love the automatic monthly mat change. They are always on schedule, and we don’t have to do anything, they just show up with clean mats and take away the dirty mats.
Lexington Dental Partners

Respectful, Courteous and Pleasant

Our office has Rentwear servicing our rugs for the office for years. They are very dependable in their service and every representative that we have dealt with have been the utmost respectable, courteous and pleasant to us and even to our patients!
Erwin Su

Over 20 Years of Business

I absolutely love Rentwear. I have done business for twenty plus years. Never disappoint.
Tina Shaheen

Unmatched Customer Service

My route rep Jason is a very hard worker and a nice person. During a bitter cold day I was sweeping salt up in our breakroom, without my asking Jason picked up an agency rug, took it outside and shook the salt off for me. That is customer service! Jason represents Rentwear at a very high level.
Teresa Cook

Consistency is Key

I’m really pleased with the service Rentwear provides. They are consistent and their route representative does everything with out us having to tell him what to do.
Anna Strouble

The Route Representative Takes Responsibility

Our route representative Rob does a great job. He always clears up confusion and problems as soon as problems arise and takes personal responsibility to ensure they are resolved. We love our uniform service from Rentwear.
Jeff Smith

Big Fan of the Uniforms

Excellent company with excellent service. I should know, they got me the clothes I wanted and I wear them 6 days a week! All my guys at Enterprise Plastics are fans!
Jimmy Clint

Fair Prices and No Hidden Fees

Jeremy Lee Here at JTA Express service we have had Rentwear for 2.5 years and have had no problems and our driver Rob takes very good care to makes sure our uniforms are all delivered. Prices are fair and they don’t charge dumb hidden cost like some other companies that I have had in the past.
Jeremy Lee