Automotive Fender & Seat Covers | Fender & Seat Cover Rental Service

We get it. Working on cars all day is a dirty job. Keep the car you’re working on dirt and scratch free with our convenient fender and seat cover rental service. Using dirty covers or washing them yourself can be costly. We professionally launder and deliver clean covers to your shop every week, so you always have clean fender and seat covers.

Fender and Seat Cover Features and Benefits

  • Rent fender and seat covers from RentwearProtect the car or truck you’re working on
  • A cover service plan based on your needs
  • 26″ x 48″ soft cloth covers

Why rent fender and seat covers from Rentwear?

We have 45 years of experience working with local auto body and repair shops. Our knowledgeable sales staff will work with you to create a cover service plan that fits your needs. Interested in partnering with a family owned local company?

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