Mop Rental Services | Clean Mops Delivered to Your Business

Mop rental is a convenient way to have clean mopsKeep your floors clean with mop and mop pad rental service from Rentwear. Dirty mop heads spread germs and bacteria throughout your facility and will leave your floors with an unsightly film. We deliver clean wet and dry mop pads, frames and handles to your business every week so you never have to worry about having clean mops. Our premium quality Golden Star mops come in a variety of sizes.

Mop Rental Features and Benefits

  • Rent mop pads from RentwearLooped end construction to wick up dirt when sweeping or polishing
  • Velcro backed mop pads for quick & easy removal
  • Anti-microbial wet mops
  • Microfiber wet and dry mops
  • Professionally laundered mops delivered based on your needs

Why rent mops from Rentwear?

Our experienced sales staff will work with you to determine a mop rental program that’s right for you. We have 45 years of experience working with local companies and treat our customers like friends, not numbers. Find out what’s it’s like to partner with a family owned company for your mop rental.

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