Understanding Your Invoice

Have you ever received your uniform, floor mat, towel or linen invoice and wondered what something meant? Maybe you didn't understand a particular charge or the formatting seemed confusing.

We know it's frustrating when you don't know what you're paying for and why you're paying for it. With that in mind, we put together this handy guide for understanding your invoice. The terminology is pretty universal, so this should be helpful whether you're a Rentwear customer or not. Let's dive in!


Inventory is the total amount of items you have plus the items we have at our facility. So if you have 100 towels at your restaurant while we have 300 here, your inventory is 400 towels.


The minimum amount of goods you're charged for each week. For example. Let's say your inventory is 200 towels with a 50% minimum. You'd get 100 towels each week. But if you turn in less than 100 towels, you'll still be billed for 100 towels.

Auto Restock

If your business is prone to towel or napkin loss, we can put you on auto restock. It allows us to add a percentage of your inventory back during each delivery. You are charged for replacement and rental, but it helps you avoid a massive loss charge all at once.

Delivery Charge

This is charged every delivery and covers the cost of labor, logistics, gas, etc. involved with your service. Think of it as a shipping fee when you order something online.

Environmental Charge

Your environmental charge depends on how many items of yours we wash at our plant. This covers our cost to process wastewater and ensures we keep our environmental impact to a minimum.
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Install Fee

An install fee covers hemming and adding emblems and tracking tags to new garments. You'll only see this if you get new uniforms or add a new team member.

Restock Fee

A restock fee covers the cost to take a garment out of service. So, if you have an employee leave your company, you'll be charged a restock fee for all of his or her old uniforms.

Item Not Returned

This is a charge for the market value of a garment when a team member quits or is terminated and does not turn in all of their garments.

Contract Minimum

Say you start with 100 people in uniform. We would implement a contract minimum of the equivalent of 50 people in uniform (these numbers are just examples). So even if you drop down to 30 people, you'd still pay for 50.

Service Minimum

This is the lowest amount of money per invoice for which we will stop at your location. Typically $30 per stop.

Garment Guard

Charged per garment, this is insurance to protect you against accidental damage. So, if a team member falls and rips his pants, we will replace them. And you'll only have to pay install fees rather than the full retail price because you have garment guard.


Some items like air fresheners and comfort flow mats are only exchanged once per month, but you're charged weekly or biweekly. We will note the exchange on the proper invoice each month, but it will not add an additional charge.


Hopefully, this helps clear things up for you, but our office team is here to help if you still have questions. Give us a call at 330-494-5776 if you need any help understanding your invoice. Want to chat about starting service with us? You can contact us online for that too!
Connor is the Director of Marketing at Rentwear Inc. and writes about how uniform, floor mat and linen service can help your company.
Connor Clay