A Guide to Uniform Rental Service Costs in 2021

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Don't have time to read the whole article? Here are the quick facts about uniform service investment.

  • Standard work uniforms (shirts and pants) cost $4-$6 per wearer per week
  • Other styles of work uniforms can cost between $3-$20 per wearer per week
  • The wide range exists because there are many different types and styles of work clothes
  • Typically other factors like set up, delivery and environmental costs affect the weekly investment
  • For an exact quote, please speak to a member of our team

Read on to fully understand how much you should expect to spend on uniforms each week. Hint - it's probably going to be pretty affordable!


How many times has this happened to you? You’re talking to a salesperson, and you ask about the price. However, instead of being straight forward they beat around the bush and don’t give you a definite answer. Frustrating, right? In our industry, that question usually sounds like this: “How much does uniform rental service cost?”

Admittedly this question does not have a simple answer, but we’ll do our best to offer some pricing guidelines.

Renting uniforms is like buying a house. It’s an investment. You wouldn’t ask how much any old house cost. You have to take location, size and other amenities into consideration. So, two 3,000 square foot homes could have entirely different prices depending on their neighborhood and how recently they were built or renovated. There are also not often considered costs like realtor fees and taxes, but they still should be factored in.

Why do we pay more for similarly sized houses? Because we don’t want to experience regret or buyer’s remorse. What if that new house doesn’t feel like home?

The same applies to uniform rental costs. Your team will wear their uniforms every day, so you don’t want there to be any regrets or stones left unturned.

Unfortunately, many customers want to go with the cheapest supplier without understanding why prices are what they are. Factors like style, embroidery, emblems, size and material can all affect your weekly service charge.  Also consider other things like delivery, environmental and set up fees.

How Much Does Uniform Rental Service Cost?

Standard work pants and work shirts typically cost between $4-$6 per person per week, while particular products like FR shirts and pants involve a larger investment. Also – only getting shirts is cheaper than going with shirts and pants.

Most companies that have ten people in uniforms invest $40-$200 per week on average. But the price could be as low as $30 or as high as $600. Why the variation? It all depends on the style and type of workwear you get.

How the Type of Uniform Affects Cost

Your weekly uniform service cost could vary depending on your needs. We offer regular work clothes and specialty clothing like FR and high visibility. The more standard the attire, the cheaper the price. However, just because a style is more lower priced, doesn’t mean it’s the right fit for your company.

We’ll work with you to ensure you get the right uniforms for the best price. The typical work clothing styles are priced as follows.

Regular Work Uniforms

work uniform service costs between $4-$6 per week

These are what you picture when you think of work apparel. Button down shirts with logo and name emblems and work pants or jeans. Work uniform weekly rental price is generally between $4-$6 per wearer. For a company with ten wearers, the weekly charge is typically between $60-$80 with additional fees included. However, that price can increase if you opt for a 100% cotton or OilBlok shirt.

FR Uniforms

FR uniform service costs $115-$20 per week

Flame resistant clothing is NFPA compliant and keeps your team safe from fire, ARC flashes and dust combustion. FR uniform weekly rental price is usually $15-$20 per wearer. For a company with ten wearers, the weekly charge is typically between $170-$250 (additional fees included). The rate depends on the items you get. FR shirts are less expensive than FR coats and FR coveralls.

High Visibility Uniforms

high visibility uniform service costs $6-$10 per week

Hi-vis apparel is ANSI compliant and features bright colors and reflective tape to help your team stand out at dangerous work sites. High visibility uniform weekly rental pricing can range from $6-$10 per wearer. For ten wearers, a company will generally pay $80-$175 (additional fees included) per week. Most hi-vis shirts cost the same but adding work pants will make it more expensive.

Food Service Uniforms

food service uniforms cost between $3-$10 per week

Chef coats, cook shirts and smocks are standards at restaurants and grocery stores. Food service uniform weekly rental generally costs between $3-$10 per wearer. For restaurants with ten wearers, the weekly charge is $40-$120. Standard cook shirts are inexpensive while butcher smocks and executive chef coats cost more. Adding pants will also increase the price.

Executive Apparel

executive clothing service costs between $3-$6 per week

From polos and button downs to khaki pants, executive uniforms are perfect for sales and service teams. The executive clothing weekly rental price ranges from $3-$6 per wearer. A program with just polo shirts is on the low end while a company getting button-downs and pants would pay a little more.

Set Up Costs

Set up costs include logo and name emblems, embroidery and RFID tagging. Initially, these run $25-$50 per person, but they could range from $70-$100 for additional team members after that. It all depends on how many uniforms you put into service at the time.

The Cost of Renting Uniforms vs. Buying Them

While we are a uniform rental company, renting workwear might not be the right fit for your business. We offer purchase programs for customers who may need it for out of state employees.

Uniform rental service requires no upfront purchase — only rental charges. When you consider the benefits that come with a service program, the advantages may outweigh the costs. Benefits include:

  • Weekly laundry service
  • Weekly delivery service
  • Easy size changes
  • Free routine repairs
  • RFID tracking
  • Uniform upgrades every few years

These services give you peace of mind knowing your team will always look good and be safe on the job because our team is taking care of their apparel. When left to their own devices, employees can lose uniforms, damage them or leave them unwashed.

Price Increases

The uniform rental industry is infamous for unexpected price increases. You sign up at $5 per man, and a year later you’re paying $10!

At Rentwear, we cap our price increases at 5% per year. Moreover, you won’t have a price increase without a representative talking to you about it. That way, you’re clear on why the rate hike is happening and when it will go into effect.


Hopefully, now you understand why the question “how much does uniform rental service cost” doesn’t have a simple answer. However, this article should take you from confused to confident when you consider uniforms for your company.

Have questions or want to learn more about how we do things at Rentwear? Talk to one of our representatives today.

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