Uniform Rental for Manufacturing Company in Northeast Ohio

When a customer has a great business and personal relationship with their vendor, things couldn’t be better. That’s the case with Stark Metal Sales and Rentwear.

Dave Rownd is the president of Stark Metal Sales – an Alliance, Ohio based steel service center that’s relied on Rentwear for uniforms, towels and restroom paper products since 1991.

“I always say that Rentwear has the best service in their industry,” Rownd said. “And I’m not just saying that because I know the owners. It’s the truth.”

Local and Family Owned Uniform Company

Rownd has known Rentwear President Roger Clay for over 30 years and often plays golf with Vice President Chris Clay on the weekends.

“I try to deal locally as much as possible,” Rownd said. “I like supporting the local economy and building relationships with my vendors.”

Rentwear treats businesses like Stark Metal Sales as a valued customer instead of a number on a spreadsheet.

Uniform & Towel Rental Service That’s Second to None

Stark Metal Sales is a member of the North American Steel Alliance along with some of Rentwear’s competitors.

“We have ample opportunity to switch, but Rentwear’s uniform service is unbeatable and their price is competitive,” Rownd explained. “And the shop towel quality is always great.”

He even went so far as to recommend Rentwear to several his friends.

“I always tell them the other guys might have a lower price to start with, but the price will always increase and service will always decrease,” Rownd said. “Rentwear’s price is consistent and the service is excellent.”

Uniforms are More Than Just Clothes

Rownd explained that he sees work uniforms as a source of pride for his employees.

“Our employees take more ownership of their work because they have clean uniforms to wear every day,” he said. “They recognize and appreciate the professionalism the uniforms convey.”

Stark Metal Sales works with Rentwear to make sure their employees are properly clothed because it’s worth it to their bottom line.

“I’d even go so far as to say our employees are more productive because of the uniforms they wear,” Rownd continued. “I can’t say enough about the quality of product and service we receive from Rentwear.