Learn How Uniform Rental Works from Rentwear Experts

The first question our customers ask when we talk to them about our service is ‘how does your uniform rental program work?’ It’s a question we love to answer because we’re proud of our team’s attention to detail that makes our uniform service the best in Northeast Ohio.

Take Measurements to Ensure the Right Fit

We take the time to measure your employees to ensure their uniforms fit them from the first wear to the last.

uniforms are measured to fit each worker

No Up-Front Inventory Charge

We purchase your uniforms for you, so you don’t have to worry about additional fees.

there is no upfront inventory charge for uniform service

Professional Embroidery

We can sew your logo, name tags and other badges onto your uniform to provide a more branded and identifiable look.

name tags and logos are embroidered on work shirts

Convenient Uniform Delivery and Pick Up

We will work with you to determine a delivery day and time that fits your busy schedule. Then, we will pick up your dirty uniforms and drop off fresh, clean ones for you and your employees to wear.

we delivery your clean uniforms every week

Professional Laundering Service

Our staff professionally washes and dries your uniforms using a green-friendly process. Then they are carefully inspected and put on the truck for delivery.

we professionally launder uniforms to keep them in top shape

Inventory Tracking

We label each uniform shirt and pair of pants with an employee ID and scannable barcode, so you never have to worry about lost inventory.

we have an advanced tracking system to ensure your uniform counts are accurate

Uniform Repairs Free of Charge

From huge rips to missing buttons and small holes, all uniform repairs are free, so you can feel comfortable your uniforms will always be in top shape.

typical uniform wear and tear is repaired for free

As you can see, we go the extra mile to make sure our customers enjoy the best uniform service possible. Want to learn more about uniform service? Check out our comprehensive guide. Interested in renting uniforms for your business? Contact us to get started.