Personalized Uniform Service for Water Systems Company

Donamarc Water Systems

When two local and family-owned companies do business together, things tend to go right. Rentwear and Donamarc Water Systems have both served the northeast Ohio community for over 30 years, and their partnership was a perfect match from the start.

Brandon Mantel, President and Owner at Donamarc, has been involved with the company since going on his dad’s first service calls 35 years ago.

“We didn’t feel like we had a real relationship with our last uniform company,” Mantel said. “When we first spoke to Rentwear, it was clear building a relationship was their top priority.”

Uniform Service That’s Built on Relationships

Donamarc Water Systems wanted a uniform company who they could trust to do the job right and be upfront about pricing. They found that in Rentwear.

“From the first time we talked to Rentwear, we knew they were a company we could trust,” Mantel explained. “We liked that they’re a local uniform company and we already had a relationship with the owners.”

Building a relationship with customers leads to more than just quality service, it also helps ensure honest and upfront pricing.

“Supporting a local business is great, but price is another very important factor,” Mantel said. “Rentwear’s price has stayed very competitive over the years, and we trust them to give us a fair deal.

“From the first time we talked to Rentwear, we knew they were a company we could trust.”
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Quality Uniforms That Create a Professional Image

Image is everything in today’s service industry. Donamarc Water Systems sends technicians to their customers’ homes daily, and they need to be identifiable.

“We continuously invest in our image and uniforms are a big part of that,” Mantel said. “For safety reasons, it’s imperative that customers recognize our employees out in the field.”

Identification also helps improve brand awareness because potential customers see Donamarc’s employees out in public with the company’s name and logo on their shirt.

“Not only are the uniforms great for safety and branding, our staff really appreciates the fact that they don’t have to wear and wash their own clothes for work,” Mantel explained. “Uniform rental from Rentwear is great for every aspect of our business.”