Reliable Uniform and Mat Service from a Trusted Partner

Harbor Castings

When Harbor Castings President Chuck Lane took over in 1999, he wanted to implement a uniform and floor mat service program to create a more professional and safer environment at his shop.

“I chose Rentwear because I knew the Clay family was trustworthy,” Lane said. “They have honor and integrity, and I wanted them to take care of my business.”

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The nature of Harbor Castings’ work requires some team members to wear FR clothing.

“The flame-resistant uniforms protect our team from the hot metal and fire they regularly work with,” he explained.

Now that Lane and Harbor Castings have partnered with Rentwear, he is thrilled with his decision.

“Rentwear is very easy to work with, and they’ve always been there to help when we need them,” he said. “They're reasonable, their prices are very good and their products are outstanding. I highly recommend choosing Rentwear.”