Why Rentwear Works Four Days a Week

rentwear works four days a week

You may have seen the recent news that Microsoft Japan tried out a four-day workweek this summer and saw a 40% increase in production. That number is incredible, and many CEOs are asking themselves if it's time to shorten their company's workweek as well. But at Rentwear, most of us have worked a four-day week since the late 1970s with the rest of the company switching over to a four-day week in 2009.

Our founder, Roger Clay, knew the value of hard work, but he also knew the importance of time spent with family. So, he implemented a four-day workweek for plant team members (the people washing, drying and sorting) after he founded the company. Then in 2009, the routes were switched from five days to four.

You might ask yourself, "how could they still get all of their work done with one less day?" We made ourselves more efficient and dedicated. We also moved hours around to make sure our team members worked close to the same number of hours they had before the switch.

Here are a few four-day workweek benefits we see every day.

Four-Day Week Staff Benefits

Longer Tenured Team Members

Our average tenure is over ten years. While others in our industry struggle to hold on to their staff, we rarely make more than four or five hires per year. Our team appreciates their extra day off to spend time with family, attend doctor's appointments or relax and recharge.

Improved Moral

Our team members are noticeably more pleasant than others in similar roles. It’s nice knowing your employer cares about you and your well-being.

Four-Day Week Company Benefits

Improved Productivity

While we don’t have a specific stat to point to since we’ve always used a four-day week in one form or another, we do know our team is very productive. Most of our routes are built days in advance and route service representatives tend to their customers’ needs faster than they would if they had an extra day.

Easier Hiring

When we do have open positions, they are often filled quickly because of our four-day week.

Improved Efficiency

When we switched the routes to four-day weeks, we had to take a long look at each route and make sure it was as efficient as possible. Doing so allowed us to save gas (cutting costs and protecting the environment) and better serve our thousands of northeast Ohio customers.

Built-In Recovery Day if Needed

If needed, we have an extra day in the week to make up for lost time. This is especially helpful during holiday weeks because we have an extra day to make sure our customers get what they need.


While Microsoft and other tech companies might have made the most recent splash in the four-day workweek news cycle, we've been doing it since the 70s. Not only has it helped our company succeed, but it also made life better for everyone who works here.
Connor is the Director of Marketing at Rentwear Inc. and writes about how uniform, floor mat and linen service can help your company.
Connor Clay