Work Uniforms for Akron Mack Truck Company

Stutler Leasing gets work uniforms from Rentwear

It’s not often that a partnership lasts for 45 years, but when two northeast Ohio companies have a great relationship—they tend to stand the test of time.

Stutler Leasing, an Akron, Ohio tractor trailer truck leasing and repair company, became one of Rentwear’s first customers in 1972 and is still around today—45 years later.

Reliable Service

Company president Scott Stutler enjoys the consistency and personalized service he receives.

“I have a great relationship with the owner, Roger Clay,” Stutler said. “And we’ve never had a problem with their service.”

Rentwear provides Stutler Leasing with clean uniforms, shop towels and rags, floor mats and fender covers as well as restroom supplies on a weekly basis.

“I actually look forward to their deliveries,” Stutler continued. “Rentwear’s route representatives are easy to talk to, and that’s not common to the industry.”

Rentwear embroiders Stutler Leasing’s logo on every uniform to boost their branding initiatives.

“Our employees wear clean work uniforms home,” Stutler said. “That way people see our brand when they stop at the store or gas station after work.”

He also mentioned that the few issues that arise are quickly resolved by Rentwear’s friendly staff.

“We’re a family-owned company, so I prefer to work with family-owned companies. They treat you like you’re more than just another customer.”

It Comes Down to Relationships

Service and solutions aside—Stutler has stuck with Rentwear for 45 years because we care about his business.

“I work with charities a lot,” explained Stutler. “Roger always donates golf shirts or money when I ask. That’s how I know he truly cares about me, my business and the community.”

Stutler also mentioned he prefers to work with family-owned, local companies.

“We’re a family-owned company, so I prefer to work with family-owned companies,” he said. “They treat you like you’re more than just another customer.”

Rentwear prides itself on strong customer relationships.

“We are proud to have serviced Stutler Leasing since 1972,” commented Roger Clay. “We have helped each other over the years and appreciate the loyalty. I’m thankful for Scott and the entire Stutler team.”