Work Uniforms for Local Manufacturer

Buckeye Packaging Trusts Rentwear for their uniform service

With over 70 years of experience in polyethylene manufacturing, Buckeye Packaging appreciates consistency and quality service—two things they’ve come to expect from Rentwear.

Since Buckeye Packaging began renting uniforms and floor mats from Rentwear in 1981, nothing much has changed—and that’s just how they like it.

Consistency is Key

When current maintenance facility manager Dale Hackney started with the company over 20 years ago, Buckeye Packaging was already a Rentwear customer.

“My dad made the decision rent uniforms, blue jeans and floor mats from Rentwear,” Hackney said. “It was one of the best choices he ever made!”

For as long as Hackney can remember, the route representative has arrived within 10 minutes of the same time every day they receive a delivery.

“The deliveries are very consistent and that makes our lives that much easier,” Hackney explained.

But not only is the delivery schedule reliable, the driver himself is largely unchanged.

“I think we’ve only had two or three different drivers since I’ve been here,” Hackney said. “And that’s very rare.”

“The price is great and I love working with local companies,” Hackney said. “The service feels more personal.”
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Quality and Service

While consistency is important, it doesn’t mean much if the uniform and floor mat quality is subpar.

“The logo mats in our lobby and the branded work uniforms our employees wear help to improve our company’s image,” Hackney said. “The products are high quality and look great every day.”

He also noted the exceptional service his company received through the years.

“I can’t remember many issues coming up in the past,” Hackney continued. “But the few that did were resolved right away. I can’t say enough about their attention to detail and efficiency.”

But the service and quality uniforms and rugs aren’t the only reason Buckeye Packaging has stuck with Rentwear for over 30 years.

“The price is great and I love working with local companies,” Hackney said. “The service feels more personal.”