How Work Uniforms are Similar to Sports Team Uniforms

Team members across industries wear uniforms, including the sports industry. Jerseys are often the most popular and recognizable sports merchandise in the world. Unfortunately, we don’t provide the NFL or NBA with their uniforms (although that’d be cool). But we do see a lot of parallels between the industrial and culinary uniforms our customers wear and the uniforms worn by professional and amateur athletes.

Brand Recognition

Every Sunday you see your favorite football team wear the same home or away jersey. Then, every Tuesday you see your delivery person wearing the same uniform time and time again. Seeing the same outfit and person week after week builds trust and credibility and ensures customers or fans know precisely who their favorite service tech or player works for.

learn how sports uniforms are similar to work uniforms


Work and sports uniforms often have a name, logo and recognizable color scheme that instantly identify both the team/company and the person wearing the uniform. This helps businesses because their employees are recognized both out in the field and on location. The same is true for athletes. You may not recognize your favorite player in plain clothes, but you definitely would if they were wearing their jersey.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Brand recognition and identification (mentioned above) help you stand out in today’s crowded marketplace. More decisions than you’d expect are based on color and dress. So if your teams’ uniforms or jerseys look great and have an appealing color scheme, you’re more likely to win over customers and fans. This author chose the Miami Dolphins as his favorite team because he liked their colors as a child while the Browns were away for a few years.


Dressing alike promotes a sense of team and inclusion. People are wired to seek our community. It’s one of the reasons social media is so prevalent today. Wearing the same clothes as your coworkers or teammates fulfills that basic need for inclusion. This inspires teammates to want to play well for one another just as it encourages employees to work hard for the benefit of their team.


Uniforms of all kinds serve similar purposes, and there are excellent reasons why they’re worn. You couldn’t imagine your alma mater taking the field without their uniforms, so why should your team at work be any different? Talk to a uniform expert today to learn why we’re the best choice to outfit your team.

Connor is the Director of Marketing at Rentwear Inc. and writes about how uniform, floor mat and linen service can help your company.
Connor Clay