Your Restroom Reflects Your Business

Have you ever gone into the bathroom at a restaurant or store and been so disgusted that you had to leave? Or maybe it as a little less extreme—they were out of toilet paper, the toilet had yellow stains and the soap dispenser was empty. Restroom cleanliness is a significant factor when customers decide whether or not to return to your place of business. In fact, 88 percent of people said a restaurant’s bathroom is a reflection of its overall hygiene. If the toilets are gross, imagine the kitchen.

The truth is, restroom hygiene is a factor for all businesses—even offices where customers never step foot. Dirty restrooms are also linked to low employee retention rates. Think about it. It’s hard for an employee to feel good about helping a business grow if they’re grossed out every time they go to the bathroom.

But how can you effectively keep your restroom clean and well stocked? We have you covered.

a clean restroom helps retain employees and customers

How to Keep Restrooms Clean

Clean them. Every day. It really is that easy. We recommend you create a schedule, so employees know when it’s their turn to clean the facilities. Perform a spot check every hour. This includes restocking supplies, wiping down surfaces and sweeping the floor all in about five or 10 minutes. Spot checks ensure your restroom is in a good place all day long.

We also recommend daily cleanings once a day during slow periods or before or after hours. These visits should include disinfecting surfaces, trash removal, wipe downs, mopping the floor and restocking supplies. Daily cleanings should take about a half hour to an hour, and the cleaner should leave feeling confident the restroom is as clean as possible.

A visibly posted cleaning log on the inside of your restroom door is a great way to hold your employees accountable for cleaning times. Each posted cleaning time should be checked off and initialed by a member of your staff once the job is complete. This is also a great way to let your customer’s know that you care about their experience. So if a customer notices a pile of crumpled paper towels (or worse) on the floor next to the trash can, they can be reassured that a member of your team will be around to take care of the mess.

Choose a Restroom Supply Partner

Keeping restrooms stocked is a huge determining factor when employees or customers decide whether or not they’re satisfied with your bathrooms. No one likes the sinking feeling they get in their stomach when they realize there’s no more toilet paper or paper towels (it’s no fun eating wings with wet hands).

Partnering with a company like us for your restroom supplies allows you to save time ordering paper products, air fresheners and urinal supplies leaving your employees free to do more productive, revenue-generating activities. We deliver your supplies every week, so you never have to worry about running out. And our service allows you to save storage space because you don’t have to buy in bulk.

Want to find out more about how Rentwear can take the hassle out of restroom supplies for your business? Contact us to get started!